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With Red Eye Louie’s Vodquila, you never have to choose, never have to compromise. It’s the perfect blend of smooth vodka for your refined side combined with just the right amount of tequila naughtiness to fuel your wild side. Next time you’re ready to mix it up, party with Vodquila.



Red Eye Louie’s Rumquila invites you to experience an exotic journey with Island Rum from a Puerto Rican paradise and the unexpected sweet, floral pleasures of Super Premium Tequila from Mexico, distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco. Why pick one party when you can have both?



Red Eye Louie’s Whisquila is a woody, oak aroma, notes spicy white peppers, tobacco hazelnut, and burnt honey are enhanced by blending Rye Whiskey with our Super Premium Tequila. Add this classic to your boozy collection.

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