About Us


Red Eye Louie’s is an award-winning spirits brand, founded in the basement bar of the Arora family’s house in Birmingham, Alabama in 2010. As the founder Chander Arora mixed a drink, his daughter Nina asked him, “Why can’t we blend 2 true spirits together instead of diluting a Vodka, Rum or Whiskey with mixers?” Using Chander’s background in chemistry, they worked with a distiller to mix the spirits at a specific temperature (called Thermal Blending) to create the perfect blend. VODQUILA was introduced as our first product to market in 2012. Using advanced thermal blending techniques, we then developed RUMQUILA, a delicious mix of aged Puerto Rican Rum and super-premium Tequila from Mexico. We continued with WHISQUILA, a beautiful blend of Rye Whiskey from the Rocky Mountains and our super-premium Tequila. Red Eye Louie’s products are sold in 30 states throughout the country and have received 22 awards from industry professionals.  The essence of Red Eye Louie’s revolves around unlikely pairs, with an unexpected, yet surprisingly satisfying result.

Photography by Laura Bess Sullivan


“Live the Blended Life.”

— Red Eye Louie’s